dilluns, 18 d’octubre de 2004

Why e-vote?

When we speak about e-vote it's usual to start by trying to explain why e-
vote. After several times explaining that e-vote can improve electoral
processess, reduce economic costs and other benefits a central idea is coming
to my mind again and again.

Why a significant part of countries that implement e-voting systems are not
those with highest technological development levels?

Take a look at India, Brazil or Venezuela as good examples of what I'm talking

Here's my thesis: I suggest that e-vote is used not only for technical reasons
but essentially as a mean to achieve a higher level of democratic legitimacy.
Countries with lacks on democratic legitimacy use e-vote in order to present
themselves as "technical and formally democratic", no mather if the system is
good, bad or unnecessary.

I need to develop this thesis, basically with data to support it. Comments and
suggestions are welcome.

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Andrea Gratteri ha dit...

Isn't e-vote a good system for developing democracies?
Traditional voting methods allow a high fraud degree, in consolidated democracies there are checks and balances to guarantee the elections outcome, what about weaker democracies?
New technologies could be a simple way to make elections safer.
Then it is true that they might look safer while they are not and the worst frauds are happening who knows where.
Another important question is, in my opinion, what is the perception of electoral fraud? What do voters think: is e-voting more secure than paper ballots? Or is it true the opposite?
I guess that every voter's personal experience might tell something about this. I mean that voters might trust e-voting better if they have been involved in electoral malpractices with paper ballots. On the other hand they might be frightened by technological systems they do not understand; but, I think that non knowing how a voting machine works is not so important for a single elector.
Very few tv watchers personally know how tv works, but actually they trust that what they see is true...
Then e-voting might increase the voter's confidence in the whole electoral process, even in developing countries.