divendres, 4 d’abril de 2008

E-voting: the last electoral revolution (Just published!)

We're glad to present you our new (just published!) collective book:
E-voting: the last electoral revolution. Barcelona, ICPS, 2008. ISBN: 978-84-608-0728-5.

The book is the result of an International Workshop held in Barcelona last year and sponsored jointly by our research project and the ICPS.

              Table of contents:

            1. The development of remote electronic voting in Europe, by R. Krimmer
            2. There is more to e- than meets the eye: towards automated voting in Italy, by L. Caporusso
            3. Legal and political aspects of the Internet voting: Estonian case, by U. Madise
            4. First steps in the regulation of Internet voting in French electoral legislation, by R. Fernández & E. González
            5. Electronic voting certification procedures. Who should carry out the technical analysis?, by J. Barrat
            6. Auditing e-voting pilot processes and systems at the elections for the European Parliament and for the Portuguese Parliament, by J. Falcao et al.
            7. Is electronic voting functional?, by M.A. Presno
            8. Doubts and certainties about electronic voting, by J.M. Reniu
            To get a copy please contact the ICPS publications service HERE.

            dijous, 3 d’abril de 2008

            Spanish New eVoting Platform

            P.I.V.E. (Plataforma Individual de Voto Electrónico) is the name of this new e-voting platform developed by the Spanish Ministry of Interior. After some pilots in 2004 and 2005, the Spanish government seemed to stop its e-voting projects and there have been no pilots during the last electoral period one month ago, but actually an internal task force has been analyzing the feasibilty of e-voting solutions. The last TECNIMAP Conference included the presentation of its report (paper).