dimarts, 22 de novembre de 2005

Irán, reforma, jóvenes e Internet

The Young Iranians
Con este título la revista The New Yorker ha publicado recientemente una entrevista en la que se aborda la situación de las nuevas generaciones de iraníes y el colapso del movimiento reformista. A lo largo de la entrevista se hace mención expresa al papel que están jugando las nuevas tecnologías en ese proceso, tal y como se puede observar en los siguientes fragmentos:

Mirebrahimi is a young reformist blogger. Because he dared to cross a particularly dangerous and powerful figure in the judiciary, he was recently imprisoned in solitary confinement, tortured, and, after he was released, subjected to threats and harassment by the authorities. His story told me a lot about the complexity of the Iranian system, parts of which have acted to persecute him, and parts of which have acted to protect him. That’s the gritty and complicated backstory of the reform movement..

How important is the Internet to political life in Iran? And is it an open medium, or is it censored?
It’s really important. There are tens of thousands of blogs in Iran. Most of them aren’t political in the conventional sense; but writing frankly about private life in Iran is necessarily political, and many of the bloggers do that. The regime is scrambling to censor the Internet, but it can’t quite keep up. The authorities do block a lot of Web sites by using filtering technology—they seem to be most successful in blocking pornography, though they filter political sites, too—but many Iranian bloggers have found ways to keep their sites up.

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