dimecres, 14 de febrer de 2007


I'd like to present to all of you a new (at least for me) group that is getting formed, working about getting electiions verifiable. Here you have their web presentation, just copied and pasted:
EFVE wants elections to be verifiable by some reasonable portion of the voting public. This means that when push comes to shove people can go to the polling station, monitor their own elections, watch their votes be counted, and then go home assured that the election was honest. The current trend in many European countries is to introduce 'e-Voting' (voting on machines in the polling station) and even i-Voting (voting over the Internet). Many of the methods used place a very high level of trust in a very limited number of people. Often the software running in the machines is kept secret, and there is no verification that the software that was once inspected is even running in the machines that the public votes on.
EFVE thinks this is bad, and wants to offer a platform to people from all over Europe that resist e-Voting and i-Voting in their own countries. For the time being, EFVE is mostly concerned with bringing together already active activists and existing movements, as well as with documenting the state of e/i-Voting and the resistance against it in various European countries.