divendres, 18 de gener de 2008

E-voting in Lithuania

The Lithuanian parliament rejected yestarday election law changes needed to introduce Internet voting in Lithuania. The first voting went: 18 votes in favour; 15 against & 41 abstain.
The second voting went:
A (return the proposal to the information society committee for improvement) -- 33 votes
B (reject proposal) -- 44 votes.
As you can imagine, the future is unclear as of now, because Lithuanian government has already allocated 2 million Litas (aprox. 580,000 €) for the project and the Central electoral committee has prepared a requirements document and it seems has even chosen a vendor for the project.
There is still no English news website with this information, so the Lithuanian sources are: http://emilis.info/2008/seimas-atmete-i-balsavima/
From that point it seems that the second country after Estonia in the area to introduce i-voting could be Russia: http://rus.postimees.ee/051107/glavnaja/za_rubezhom/24973.php [Russian language]

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