dimecres, 19 de març de 2008

Belgian Study on e-voting

Do not miss the last study on e-voting. Belgium, as one of the first countries which used information technologies in elections, has put to order a study about electronic voting systems. A consortium of seven Belgian universities analyzed internationally available electronic voting systems in order to decide which one would be most suitable as a successor of the outdated Belgian system. The study was planned to be released in September 2007 but due to delays it has been released in the beginning of January 2008 by .
Content of study 1:
The first part of the study derives the current state of the art of electronic and Internet voting in all aspects. It compares the voting systems of Belgium, Estonia, Switzerland, Ireland, The Netherlands, France and Germany.
Content of study 2:
The second part shall provide the technical and specific requirements for the technical appendix to the ?cahier des charges? for the Belgian voting system planned for 2009 and onward.
The study is now available in English: