dijous, 29 de maig de 2008

Some changes...

Dear colleagues & friends,
As you surely saw our blog just changed its name and justification. To be sincere we must recognize that we placed really very few posts regarding e-democracy, in relation to the ones focusing on e-voting. In fact our academic focus is on e-voting (from a sociopolitical approach in my case and from a legal one in Barrat's jobs), so it had no sense to keep a so generalist definition of the blog.
Apart of that I also changed the justification, moving to one question a friend of us (Carlos González) used: "e-voting evangelists". Assuming that we're not fully in favor of e-voting (that's to say, "yes but with garantees"...) in fact what we do is to explore e-voting and to share with others our knowledge. Usually we have to deal with people radically against e-voting, normally without enough information, so in these situations we really start feeling some kind of "evangelist" mission.
Obviuosly it's just a funny question, not to mention that is already known our critical positions regarding the implementation of e-voting solutions, but we love to keep us placed between both general positions: in favor and againts e-voting.