dilluns, 8 d’octubre de 2007

E-voting, the last electoral revolution

Last weekend we organized an International Workshop in Barcelona: "E-voting, the last electoral revolution", at the ICPS. During friday and saturday, a limited number of scholars from our research team (Jordi Barrat, José Julio Fernádez, Mª Teresa Franquet & Josep Mª Reniu), and some european colleagues (Robert Krimmer, Joao Falcao, Ulle Madise, Jason Kitcat & Letizia Caporusso), have very interesting discussions.

As usual, we had good moments at lunch time (see Joao Falcao taking me a photo at the same time I was). After that workshop, papers discussed will be prepared to be published by the ICPS around march 2008. For the moment, here you can find some of the presentations made by the participants: