dimecres, 3 de maig de 2006

2006--year of the blog

Title: 2006--year of the blog
Author: Bowman, John
Source: Policy Options/Options Politiques, vol. 27, no. 3, pp. 88-90, March 2006
Descriptors: Weblogs -- Political uses; Canada -- Government and politics -- Public opinion; Elections -- Canada
Abstract: The 2006 campaign marked the emergence of blogging as part of the political game in Canada. Bloggers abounded-- professional bloggers like Paul Wells and Andrew Coyne, amateur bloggers with exotic names, bloggers who sought fame and bloggers who insisted on anonymity. Anybody with a Web site can now be a pundit. Bloggers broke some significant stories, even if their facts were sometimes in need of further checking. Bloggers outed Mike Klander after he took down insulting comments from his own juvenile blog, resulting in another really bad day for Paul Martin's Liberals. Bloggers conducted reality checks, formerly the domain of campaign war rooms and newsrooms. John Bowman, who wrote the blog report for the CBC News Online election Web site, assesses their role and their impact on the campaign.