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Blogs in Campaign Communication

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Author: Lawson-Borders, Gracie; Kirk, Rita
Affiliation: Kent State
Source: American Behavioral Scientist, 2005, 49, 4, Dec, 548-559.IS: ISSN 0002-7642
Descriptors: Political Participation; Internet; Political Campaigns; Information Technology; Mass Media Effects; United States of America; Elections; Citizen Participation
Abstract: In Election 2004, campaign Weblogs - or blogs - became a standard feature of campaign Web sites. Monitoring the adaptation of emergent technological tools into political communication assists future generations of scholars to understand the genesis of communication applications and explore future uses. Blogs are online diaries where information is electronically posted, updated frequently, and presented in reverse chronological order. Three concourses of research provide insight into blogging as a political communication function: the investigation of the blog as a social diary, the analysis of blogs as organizing tools, and blogs viewed as a form of civic, participatory journalism. The authors do not claim that blogging had a significant impact on the 2004 election outcome. However, they do argue that its effective use has been demonstrated and emerging applications of the tool pave the way for future campaign communication, one the authors suggest will become a standard part of campaign communication.
36 References. [Reprinted by permission of Sage Publications Inc., copyright 2005.].
Language: English
Publication Year: 2005
Publication Type: Journal Article
Country of Publication: United States
Classification: politics and communication
Journal Name: American Behavioral Scientist
Journal Volume: 49
Journal Issue: 4
Journal Pages: 548-559