dimarts, 16 de maig de 2006

Testing the capacity of ICT to support central government consultation in UK

In recent years, significant piloting of eDemocracy concepts and tools has been conducted at local government and parliamentary levels. The Department for Constitutional Affairs is responsible for developing eDemocracy capacity in central government and is currently collating intelligence to inform an eDemocracy strategy across central government.
In scoping out this strategy, the DCA has commissioned the Hansard Society to assist in piloting eDemocracy techniques and tools across central government departments as part of their communication and consultative processes.
The DCA and Hansard Society will address four main issues during the pilot project:
* How can government improve intra- and inter-departmental communications using information and communication technology?
* How can central government strengthen consultation and interaction with citizens using eDemocracy tools?
* Which eDemocracy techniques and tools are available for use by central government?
* What attitudes and confidence does the public in relation to technology-enabled interaction with the government?
To support this investigation, three web-based platforms associated with eDemocracy will be utilised:
- Weblogs
- Instant messaging
- Online deliberative forums
Government departments will be offered the opportunity to make use of one or more of these platforms in isolation from or in parallel to conventional, offline techniques.
The pilot will report in June 2006. The evaluation of this pilot exercise will help inform government policy on online consultation and participation. It will also contribute to ongoing debates about the contribution technology can make to vibrant and inclusive representative democracy.